Doco Recommendo: Creative Life

A documentary film about musician and composer Rebekka Karijord and her creative processes:


Night – Short Verse Poem by Wei Ying-Wu

Wei Ying-Wu is an ancient Chinese poet, whose poem ‘Night’ was translated into English for the Penguin Book of Chinese Verse by Robert Kotewall/Norman L. Smith:


The light, where does it go?
The darkness, whence does it come?
Only do I know that of my ageing year by year
One half herein is sped.


Today’s Found Poem:

BOWEL, RUPTURE OF. – A ruptured bowel may be caused by an injury, such as a kick, a fall when the bowels are full of injesta, or by a calculus or stone which has gradually formed, wearing the bowel thin, and so readily torn or slit. Such cases end fatally.

[The Stockowner’s Vetenary Aid, A. H. Archer, pg 20]